International Opportunities for BCIT Civil Engineering Students

There are two international opportunities open to BCIT Civil Engineering students:

Exchange Opportunities with Biberach University of Applied Sciences (HBC)

BCIT Civil Engineering has a formal exchange agreement in place with HBC, under which a limited number of students may attend the partner institution each term. Due to the differing structures of the programs, visiting students from HBC generally register in a selection of courses from all four years of the BCIT Civil Engineering program, while BCIT students attending HBC are limited to courses taught in English unless they have demonstrated proficiency in German. Information on HBC summer school programs is also presented below.

The Civil Engineering contact for the HBC exchanges is Jan Bielenberg. Application forms and other information are available at

A. Spend a Term in Germany

If you are interested in this opportunity, you should attend the presentation by returned students in January. The deadline for applications is February 15 for the following academic year.

A few pertinent facts:

B. Summer School Exchanges

In addition to the formal agreement, HBC offers two different Summer Schools in English which BCIT students are invited to attend. Note that these programs vary from year to year and specific information is not usually available before April. Please contact Jan for further information.

Volunteer Summer Work in Nepal

Following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, two BCIT Civil Engineering instructors participated in the reconnaissance team sent by The Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering. Dr. Svetlana Brzev has since retired from BCIT but Dr. Bishnu Pandey is still here and involved in assisting in Nepalís recovery. With support from BCITís School of Construction and the Environment, Dr. Pandey took a leave through 2017 and spent it in Nepal, working with the Government of Nepal and other agencies.

In 2017, two BCIT Civil Engineering students spent their summer between third and fourth year working with Earthquake Safety Solutions in Kathmandu. Two more students followed in the summer of 2018.

This program is still in development and future opportunities will be announced to third- and fourth-year students during the winter term.