Department of Civil Engineering Construction Materials Laboratory

The Department of Civil Engineering maintains a construction materials laboratory used for testing construction materials such as concrete and asphalt. It is also used for geotechnical testing. Concrete testing equipment is used to perform relative density tests and non-destructive testing (NDT) under a variety of curing conditions, and it includes mixers and compression machines. Trimark and Forney Testing Machines are capable of doing compression tests on concrete specimens. Asphalt testing equipment includes binder testing, asphalt heaters, Marshall briquette moulds, hammers, and testing equipment, and a Superpave gyratory compactor. Our most recent acquisition is a Burnsco environmental chamber for conditioning and testing of construction material samples. Additionally, aggregate storage, sieves, scales, and ovens are used for both geotechnical and materials testing.

  • Marshall Testing of Asphaltic Concrete

    The lab is equipped with four automated Marshall hammers, and a Marshall asphalt bath. Students perform testing to BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways specifications.

  • Testmark and Forney Testing Machines

    Concrete and Asphalt testing is performed on these testing machines. The Testmark was acquired in the spring of 2012, and is equipped with a data acquisition system.

  • Superpave Gyratory Compactor

    The lab is equipped with a Superpave Gyratory Compactor - the most recent method for conducting and testing mix designs for asphaltic concrete.

  • Burnsco Environmental Chamber

    The Burnsco reach-in environmental chamber has temperature and humidity control capabilities for conditioning of construction material samples. Our curing room maintains a constant temperature of 25C and 100% humidity for additional curing and storage needs.