Guidelines for Presentation of Hand Calculations

Depending on your project topic, you may find yourself doing a lot of your work by hand. This may include engineering calculations, sketches, site observations and other pertinent Sample: click for larger version information. Regardless of whether or not this work will eventually become an Appendix in your Client Report, you should always strive to do your work in a neat, orderly manner that can be readily reviewed by others.

Sample format
for hand calculations
(click for larger version)

The following standard format is provided to assist you in completing hand-done work. All work to be included as an Appendix in your Client Report must conform to this format:

  1. Hand-done work must be neatly completed on "engineering paper" or a reasonable representation thereof. Sometimes common graph paper is used with the required margin-lines drawn on by hand. The reverse-side of heavily inked graph paper will produce a more acceptable and legible finished page.
  2. Across the top of EACH page, a horizontal line to separate the following minimum information from the completed work:
    a. title of work,
    b. your name or initials,
    c. date the work was done,
    d. page number (plus total number of pages for that item when completed).
  3. A marked left margin sufficiently wide to permit binding.
  4. A marked right margin wide enough to flag important items. Some people choose to make this margin extra-wide to include various references to code tables and sections as an easy way to check the work later.
  5. Proper identification of the work you are undertaking. State what calculations you are performing, identify necessary data and liberally employ sketches to inform the reader/reviewer.