The Industry Sponsor

The Department of Civil Engineering considers the Industry Project to be an important component of the program and the culmination of the student's diploma studies. Industry sponsors play a key role by providing students with real-world projects to which they can apply the skills they have learned. In many cases, these skills include sourcing additional information and developing additional skills needed for their projects.

The Industry Project course has been part of the Civil Engineering program for over 20 years and many sponsors are graduates of the program. The expectations of an industry sponsor are:

  • to outline a realistic civil engineering project that the student can carry out taking no more than approximately 125 hours;
  • to provide a letter of support on company letterhead confirming his/her involvement and willingness to sponsor the student throughout the academic year;
  • to provide guidance to the student in developing the project proposal;
  • to meet with the student a few times to provide guidance on carrying out the project;
  • to provide or lend in-kind resources required to carry out the project if such resources are not available through BCIT;
  • to review the client report prepared by the student and provide feedback to the student;
  • to attend (optionally) the Industry Sponsor Reception in May at BCIT's Burnaby campus as an invited guest.

Industry sponsors are not responsible for grading any of the deliverables but may be contacted by the student's Faculty Advisor for comments.