Course Schedules, Late Submission and Penalties

Course schedules are posted and updated on the relevant course D2L page.

COMM 3342

Students often begin informally looking for a sponsor and project well before the term starts. Typically, the project outline is due in the last week of October and the formal Project Proposal is due in mid-November.

COMM 4442

Project related submissions are coordinated with CIVL 4090. Typically, the Client Report is due in mid-April and the Poster Display is due the week before the Industry Project Reception, usually held during the second week of May.

CIVL 4090: Industry Project

Students may begin work on their projects as soon as their Project Proposal has been evaluated and approved. Students are required to meet regularly with their Faculty Advisor and keep him/her informed on their progress.

NOTE: Students are responsible to ensure that both they and their sponsors are clear on the expectations and deliverables of the project—this should have been clearly communicated in the submitted proposal.

Late Submissions, Penalties and Extensions

Late submissions on any deadline may be subject to penalties. Details and information on applying for extensions are available on the course D2L page.