Project Types

There is a wide range of possible projects. The project must be realistic, though it need not be real, and related to current civil engineering practice. It should include elements of design and, as much as possible, it should apply or build on the knowledge gained during the first two years of the Civil Engineering program at BCIT. The deliverables and their evaluation for a given project will depend on the type of project chosen, although all projects will include a formal report and a poster display.

Most projects will fall into one of the categories below.

Standard Analysis or Design

This type of project involves executing a standard analysis or design. Since it is often possible for the student to follow existing examples, the student is expected to produce high quality results to get a good grade.

The deliverables for this type of project typically include a set of drawings and design notes. To be of added benefit to the sponsor, the work should also investigate alternative solutions or options with some discussion of why one particular approach is better than others. Evaluation of this type of project will be based on the written report, the quality of the drawings, and the suitability and accuracy of analysis and/or design notes and calculations.


  • "Storm Drainage Improvements for the City of Terrace"
  • "Tailings Run-off Recovery: Preliminary Design Report"
  • "Abutment Design for Victoria Bridge"
  • "Fire Flow Study for the District of West Vancouver"
  • "Cable Tray and Pipe Support System"
  • "Settling Pond Control Weir Analysis"
  • "Subdivision Sanitary and Water Main Design"
  • "Highway Intersection Capacity Analysis"

Develop a New Solution to a Problem

This type of project requires considerable initiative on the part of the student. The solution may consist of an innovative design, a new application for a material, etc. Some field trials or laboratory work may be necessary.

The deliverables for this type of project should include a clear definition of the problem, a description of the proposed solution or investigation, the results, and recommendations for further work. Evaluation will be based on the technical merit of the work and the quality (substance, not glitz) of the written report.


  • "Timber Connections for Parallam Elements"
  • "Small Hydro Feasibility Study"
  • "Study of Foam Applications in and Design of Lightweight Concrete"
  • "A Design Manual for Temporary Wooden Communications Towers"

Software Development or Improvement

This type of project involves developing or improving software used in civil engineering. The Client Report for this type of project should include a user's manual for the software and a brief report describing the development of the software, its theoretical basis, and its intended application. Evaluation of this type of project will be based primarily on the design and functionality of the software and the clarity of the user's manual.


  • "SteelCad II: Steel Detailing Software"
  • "Maintenance Priority Spreadsheet"
  • "Beam Selection Software"
  • "Retaining Wall Design"
  • "Barge Stability Software"

Other Project Types

The project need not be limited to the types given above. Any project which meets the course objectives may be approved by the course instructor. Projects such as "The Project Company X Did Last Summer and I'll Submit as My Own" will not be accepted.

Students are encouraged to consult with a Civil Engineering faculty member for direction and advice. However, it is up to the student to take the initiative in finding a sponsor and a project.